Thursday, June 7, 2012

here we go...

I wear my heart on my sleeve quite literally. Somehow I am known, I fear less for my faith and more for my tattoos right now, which is quite backwards.  Each one of those tattoos was done for me, to honor my faith and my family, to remind me of what is most important in my life, to tell the stories of struggles and help me heal. Unfortunately they attract a lot of attention. They are important to me, I am not ashamed of them, they are beautiful, but they aren't who I am.  They are just a part of me.  I'm quite willing to share with people the stories of each of them, and maybe someday I'll write posts for all of them, but they are just part of the way I wear my heart on my sleeve, how I try to live out loud and in the light.

I'm willing to share my struggles with life, Jesus, faith, parenting, marriage, youth ministry, etc, just as I am willing to share the tattoos (I just hate the attention they bring), because I believe by sharing, we can grow. I have said I would create a blog forever, but never wanted too. Why does anyone want to read my stuff. I am an expert on nothing but have an overbearing opinion on everything, and should probably keep it to myself.  It seems though, that some things, are probably easier shared on a blog than a small facebook post. So because I want to post something to honor a friend, and some amazing students, I will start this blog. 

We can't hide from the bad, the doubts, the suffering, we have to be honest about all of it. Put it out in the open just like a tattoo, for all to see.  Maybe just as my tattoos inspire and encourage me, my words can in some small way, encourage the four of you that may read them. Or at least at times, maybe you will get a laugh from either the weird adventures I have or the pitiful way I attempt to blog. So here goes...

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